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World visits

5 février 2007 1 05 /02 /février /2007 16:40
HEC Paris - Feb 1st - 2007

Togheter with some French executives and HEC Alumni I was invited by HEC Paris to participate to a conference and debate with Bill Gates

Microsoft is currently launching Vista with a $500 million  campaign

This was a great occasion to exchange on visions of the future, but also to know more about his background and path forward.

Bill Gates presented his vision of the world, preaching for development of the planet through the spreading of technologies and the access to information for everyone from Africa to Asia.

Bill pictured the society of tomorrow where the convergence of all media and systems will permit to be "wired" permanently in an interactive world.

The availability of information and new media will permit to create transparency in those countries where the practice block the individial initiatives.

It will permit to everyone to compete at a more equal level, in a more balanced world.  Already the Web 2 technologies  shows the great possibilities to generate new business models and speak up to a world with more freedom.

He explained how at the age of 13, together with his pal Joe Allen, he stepped into the entrepreneurial world.

At that time Bill gate had no ambition to succeed in Business, he was simply a passionate teenager, who loved spending his time programming.
He had the vision that computers could be used by the wide public and not only the companies. At that time this thinking was totally out of perspective, no one could believe that PC would reach most of our homes . IT was for specialists only.

He  focussed developing software that could be use with no clue of programming. There started the big story that made him the richest man in the world.

From 2008 Bill Gates will retire from his function of Microsoft Chairman and work exclusively for his foundation. His ambition is to partner with pharmaceutical companies to permit the access to medicine to whose who cannot afford to subsidy the billions R/D efforts  by paying the high price.

What surprised me most during this debate is  the simplicity and humanity  that  Bill Gates his showing though his formidable achievements.

Emmanuel Facovi

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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11 décembre 2006 1 11 /12 /décembre /2006 16:54
Magnetic levitation : Do you know what this is for ?

If you travel to Shangai in China , maybe you will have the chance to experiment this magnetic  technology also called Maglev
The fast train at the Pudong Airport  will bring you at a  speed of 430 km/hour to Shangai downtown thanks to the magnetic levitation.

But an other application is on development right now. In Japan Toshiba and Building system  corp  will be delivering the first High speed elevators in Tokyo early 2008.
The elevator will take you for a smooth ride of minimum 300 meters in one minute with almost no noise
The cabin has no guide rails or cables .  Instead, high powered magnets will suspend it.  In order to move the elevator, the magnets on the opposite end  are powered electrically in order to push the vehicle.

The story does not end here. NASA scientists are working on the space elevator.
A space elevator is essentially a long cable extending from our planet's surface into space with its center of mass at geostationary Earth orbit (GEO), 35,786 km in altitude. Electromagnetic vehicles traveling along the cable could serve as a mass transportation system for moving people, payloads, and power between Earth and space.
A ride to a lunar platfor would then take 5 hours
Emmanuel Facovi
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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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12 novembre 2006 7 12 /11 /novembre /2006 11:06
At a time where  electronics and technology are entering our day to day life at home, an other alternative using "bio-technologies" propose the home of the future.

A former group from MIT(Mitchell Joachim, Lara Greden and  Javier Arbona-Homar )have conceived a home that doesn't just use "green" design but is itself a living ecosystem.

The concept is the use of  young trees growing  together into a shape that would sustain the foundation of the home.

The gaps could be filled in with soil and growing plants to create small  gardens.

On the interior walls, a mixture of clay that would provide insulation and block moisture.

On south-facing walls, windows made of organic  plastics would absorb warmth in the winter; ground-floor windows on the shady side could draw in cool breezes during hot months.

Water collected on the roof would flow through the house for use by people and plants; waste water would be purified in an outdoor pond with bacteria, fish, and plants that consume organic waste.

This project is aiming primarily sub tropical areas , but the first stage of using eco systems in design of our home is a close reality.

An atlernative proposal is mixing modern material with ecological and living areas.
In area London, a successful example of Eco house are already built .The London scheme will involve at least 1,000 homes, which will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and the burning of waste.

Emmanuel Facovi

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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11 novembre 2006 6 11 /11 /novembre /2006 16:27

What key factors made of a company like Nokia the undisputed World leader in Mobile Technology  (over 35 % Handsets Market Share / over 30 Billions Euros Turnover)

When I started to work with Nokia in Finland in the early 90s,it was just  sketching a strategy in the telecommunication market.
At that time the company was a small to medium player in making tyres, cables, TV sets..
Nokia then step up in telecommunication market with NMT (Nordic Mobile Trunk) products, the ancestor of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication).

Of course there is many reasons why Nokia became sucessfull: brilliant technology, clever marketing, manufacturing
exellence and procurement  securing the exploding market demand  ....but

all those are the effects of a remarkable management and organization that  put  the Collective Efficiency as the cement of knowledge, Innovation, Talents and Initiatives.

From a start point Nokia Management had  a very high consideration and respect for  the personnel.  Individuals were considered as the precious source of  the overall success  and had the opportunity to developp themselves,  go for experience in a foreign countries, change job positions and exchange ideas.
Some of my friends I met in the cold northern Finland many years ago are now enjoying family life in Texas for a decade.
On the other side customers and partners were a key focus for the development of new products and services. Ascendant marketing  permited to segment the offering (remember the  interchangeable phone covers)

Nokia developped many collaborative tools and communities that helped communication, exchanges within and outside the company:
For developpers  with  Developpers Forums or Competitions,
For customers with Club Nokia or Forum Blogs ,
For third party companies with Growth partner program ,
For  Start ups with  BlueRun  Ventures (Capital), for universities ,
For designers with Nokia Concept lounge....,
For subcontractors with Nokia Clusters, 
For young generation with the sponsoring of sport events (X games..)
.. and many others

At a time when many companies still have not understood the benefits of working an other way that top-down and bottom-up , Nokia give a bright illustration of managing an extended enterprise with  "collective efficiency" .

Lets guess that the new era of Web 2.0 (Blogs, Wikis, Communities Networks..) will lead more and more companies to adopt a new way of managing. Some others such a Nokia or Google are doing that for long.

Emmanuel Facovi

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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23 août 2006 3 23 /08 /août /2006 10:54


I would like to uncover here some tips  learned during my "livings" and experiences abroad

lets start with   Japan " how to behave in society or business"


and first:

-Do not say "NO",

Say  "Maybe or I will think of it or hummm!", it is almost the same .Very often when Japaneese  do not understand or disagree something ,they put their hand in front of their face and move it soflty right and left.

-Never contradict directly your interlocutor in public , you will make him loose face which is a kind of way of insulting him. Honour is something of the foundation of japaneese culture.Appearance is more important than Truth

-Do not call someone with his first name , always use his last name + San

-Avoid physical contact (exept maybe handshakind but prefer the bending)  Never put your hand or arm on someone's shoulder. Do not look japaneese straight in the eyes.

-Do not open doors to women or do not let them enter somewhere before you (as frenchman quite sorry to have to folllow this rule). When I lived in Japan I was quite chocked in the companies I worked to see how generally women were ordered , and how they were running to proceed what they were asked. This was 10 years backwards I hope it is changing

-Do not make big gestures or speak loudly 

-Do not complimente someone in public

- Bring a Gift (omiyage) but not too important ones (It would appear as corruption). Give it with your two hands like your vivit cards and bend.

-Take your shoes off when entering by someone.(there is always slippers waiting for you)

If you are invited, before starting your meal say  "thank you " ("itadakimasu") Do not play with you sticks and do not use the same sticks for serving and eating. Do not leave yous stick in your food.

- Smile  (but with respect) , Meals are often the occasion of very good laughtings. Try to learn some basics in Japaneese you can be sure they will love it and it will make them laugh (I learned Japaneese 2 years and even my japaneese was very poor it opened great opportunities with them). If you are a women put your hand over you face when you laught

Firsto f all to communicate properly in Japan , you have to keep a very high control of your emotions. Japaneese do not like someone showing its feelings or acting differently from "the group". The communication follow a formal path and to act differently is consider as unpolite.

Japaneese hate conflicts, whenever possible they try to find a good compromise.

These advises are not always or fully in use amoung the young generation who act and react west style, anyway following this would certainly give you better chance to be welcome in Japan.  

I would like to recommend interesting view of Japan: The excellent movie "Lost in Translation" (from Sofia Coppola with Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray  ) and the books "Stupeur et tremblement"  (Amelie Nothomb) and "Geisha" (Arthur Golden)

  Yes   hai
  No   iie
  Please (to offer)   dozo
  Please (to,ask)   onegai shimasu
  Thank   arigato gozaimasu
  Hello  (morning)   ohayo gozaimasu
  Hello  (afternnon)   konnichiwa
  God Bye   sayonara

Emmanuel Facovi
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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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3 mai 2006 3 03 /05 /mai /2006 10:58









Napoleon said ? se faire battre est excusable, se faire surprendre est impardonnable?




Economic Intelligence sounds a difficult concept for you ?  It is simple things behind hard words

On April 24th, I did participate to the Economic Intellingence conference with the most renamed specialists of multinationals, universities, state or private consulting firms  at ESCP Paris 


What is competitive Intellingence ? It is about  to know your environment by collecting, sorting, storing  information that will permit you to win the competitive race or at least not to loose your business by missing the crucial information, so in this sense to protect yourself.

Lets take some examples where Economic Intelligence would have been safe. Kodak One of the most successful multinational has been ruling the Photos and picture world for decades making billion profits with the paper photography. Today they are loosing all of their shares, laying off thousands employees, closing their factories ? simply because they did has the sufficient E.I methodology to anticipate the technical evolution to the digital photography.

We could mention the case of GEMPLUS a nugget of the French innovation with its Smart Card technologies now fully control by investors.

Other Examples could be taken with the Pharmaceutical industry and the explosive use of Generics, that bring famous companies to very difficult situation and the emergence of new actors in , Brazil or China.

Parallel to the anticipation of technological Risks , I.E permit to anticipate Political and Geopolitical risk, Administrative or Legal Risks  ( new Regulations , Taxes?), Sanitary Risks (ex Bird Flew ) , Acquisition Risks (ex Mittal / Arecelor Case) , Competitive Risks ( Prices and market evolutions)

More and more tools permit to do this, from the most common and simples ones, using Google search or creating  Google News Alerts, building up a network of peers or experts in a field that will exchange the relevant info . But also a very dedicated methodology is now required

The information for a company can be of 3 kind: the one controlled (released by corporate on a web site for instance; or financial statements) the one semi-controlled (Press articles; Employees, Market institutes?) and the one your are subjected to (competitive Environment, Partners , Schools/universities..;)  so that to gather all those information you better build up a system or networks with different type of  informers , like Correspondents , Observers or Experts.



















It will permit to drag an enormous quantity of information, some well-structured, other   very erratic. To collect and sort the information software from companies like Cognos or Digimind may help you.

So getting information is not the most difficult task. Once you get this info you need the double check it with multi-sources, to analyse and evaluate (sometimes to minor it) ,  to build up several scenario with the potential impacts or effects.

Last stage consist in  to communicate to the right level of decision and convince so that an appropriate action can be driven.

From the state levels ( Alain Juillet leading the mission for France ) to large Multinationals (Schneider electric, Areva, Rodhia, Danone, L?OREAL, EADS ) more and more resources are employed to manage the E.I.




Japan, Korea, Israel, or are well in advance on I.E  .  is now making a big step. The subject is part of education programs in Harvard or other top schools in US, and Europe .

I have been working with Nokia for a over a decade , and it is certainly also one of the key element of their success , and they did not hesitate for instance to create a Venture Capital group to invest or participate in start up or partner with famous university to maintain their technological advantage, or to create virtual communities around software topics, as such building up a considerable network.

The I.E business is anyway expanding a lot, large consutancy companies like Kroll , Blueprint in , Atlantic Search, GEOS in and providing their services.  



 Emmanuel Facovi




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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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1 mai 2006 1 01 /05 /mai /2006 09:51

Diplomacy as understood today has very little in common with the Diplomacy from King Louis 14th or Diplomacy during the Cold War.

Globalisation of world economy has moved Diplomacy from Political to Economical field with increasing number of actors. Today world is ruled by global companies and cross national alliance between those companies who need diplomats to lobby on international organizations and governments.

The states themselves are engaged into the economic competition requiring this new type of diplomacy, sometimes State Presidents take a direct part into it acting as Super Salesmen

From the scope of  Borders and Defense we have seen   diplomatic action growing n the field of Energy, Transportation Industry (Car, Planes), Telecommunication, Biology and Technology (Hard and Software’s). Some of the more powerfull managers wear a dipmomat cap today.

Bill Gates himself has moved from a Genius Engineer to a Brilliant Entrepreneur  to the leading Microsoft Chief Diplomat , spending much times with Gouvernments and Political representatives.

Looking at the traditional diplomacy , What are the most active diplomatic issues between countries today?
What about Nuclear policy in Europe vs. Green Parties?
What about Petrol in Iraq?
What about Internet freedom in China? What about Gas power in Russia?
What about sending Western waste in Africa? Or Ships Wrecks in India? What about Forest in Brazil? What about Cocaine in Colombia?
Let’s be clear! most of it  about Money, and Money is what is driving the diplomatic games

On the Economic field, doing business in India, China, Middle East, Japan … can simply not be done by importing US or Western best practices.
Global Business Men are good in managing their operations with other Business People but in most of the cases are not efficient to manage Non-Business actors. It often can lead to crisis, conflicts or missed business opportunities.

At the same time that the economic world is globalizing, the political world is decentralizing and more and more power is moved from Central Governments to Regional States or Provinces.
Instead of State to State negotiations, local or regional authorities are now leading the Games.

New diplomats are now required at State levels: they are named Economic Diplomats and Commercial Diplomats.
At Non-Sate levels, Companies or Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) they are named Corporate Diplomats and Business Diplomats.
Who they are??? …. to be followed in the New Diplomacy -Part 2

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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17 mars 2006 5 17 /03 /mars /2006 15:12

Can you surf the Networking wave ? Are you  an efficient “Networker”  ?

Get use to it,  those are now  the questions to be answered  to get  a successful professional label.

So you are better to start from now.

Reading the numerous press articles, books, TV shows or miscellaneous web communications on the subject, once could believe this is here a new miracle discovery in establishing business or social relationships.

Nothing brand new here, except maybe that the networking Gurus are now promoting more systematic methodologies and that internet is providing the perfect tool to manage encountering process.

The Nancy University is giving very good advises on how to build your network on www.cyberfac-emploi.univ-nancy2.fr/ReseauProfessionnel/BatirReseau.htm and Hervé brommlaer in his book “trouver le bon job grace au reseau” gives us a recipe with 10 success factors.





Among the top recommendations, do not start to pick up you phone unless you are thoroughly prepared, review your personal project or objectives,get trained , go to the point of  obtaining information and a new leads, have a strong follow up of your interviews.The networking exercise is definitely setting up a 2 ways   , where “trust is the governing rule.

 New powerful tools now permit to have broad access to wide people databanks and links to multiples services, hubs, blogs. The are the sucessors of the first alumni websites that aimed to search for your school pals.

The selection criteria also permit to start a search base on names, companies or interests, or features. The most efficient Networking websites are currently www.viaduc.com n ; or www.linkedin for international profiles. Other like www.e-oudinot.com  is less user friendly but more selective.

The promoters of  Networking are  telling us it is the necessary  mean to get a new job ,  that is partly right , but do not forget that none of networking techniques will not supersedes your true personal assets.

Get ready an Happy Networking ...!









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30 décembre 2005 5 30 /12 /décembre /2005 19:33

le Bog de l'equipe Via Venture part a la decouverte de nouveaux horizons par le partage d'informations et de "best practices", de veille economique , culturelle, technologique .Incubateur d'ideés, sur la creation ,la diplomatie  ,les nouveaux projets économiques et culturels.

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