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World visits

10 juillet 2006 1 10 /07 /juillet /2006 09:54


Apres Hong Kong, le Salon Clusters 2006, les Rencontres Mondiales des Pôles de compétitivité se tiendra à Lyon du 9 au 13 Octobre , en présence et avec l'intervention de personnalités  economiques et politiques( Thierry Breton, Francois Loos, Michael Porter...)
Au programme , Conférences ,visite de Pôles de compétitivité de la région Rhone Alpes, Ateliers et Forum.

Programme (à confirmer) en savoir plus
Lundi 9 oct
Mardi 10 Oct
Mercredi 11 Oct
Jeudi 12 Oct
Vendredi 13 Oct
Cluster Tours
Cluster Tours
Sommet Académique
Impact de la globalisation sur la
Implication des Entreprises
Assemblée Générale TCI
Cluster Tours
Sessions d'introduction +
Rencontres Intercluster
Le rôle des médias

Voir le site www.clusters2006.com
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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Success
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30 mai 2006 2 30 /05 /mai /2006 10:33

A spot on Italy during the Cannes Film Festival

The new generation of Italian actresses brings a new breath and renewal into the formatted world of Hollywood and its American Performers.

Monica Bellucci ,Born in 1964 in Citta di Castello, Italy, is the shiny and already world famous representative of this new wave: combining Temper, Seduction, Glamour, and Icon Women with Intelligence in the Actor Play. Bellucci originally pursued a career in the legal profession. and while attending the University of Perugia, she modeled on the side to earn money for school, and this led to her modelling then acting.
Monica belong to those actress who are devoting to her career with engagement and with no fear to damage her image, as did South African Oscar winner actress Charlize Theron in “Monster”.
She tries new routes, playing very different roles, giving a chance to unknown movie directors and defending the scripts she believes in. Whenever the Movie is a success or a failure, the actor’s performance is always remarkable . (Movies: Irresistible, Secret Agent, Asterix, Matrix, La passion du Christ, under suspicion, le pacte des loups…)

An other Italian actress, Caterina Murino is getting more and more attention from the profession.

32, born is Sardinia. Caterina has been long a theatre performer before starting a movie career (L'amour aux trousses, L'enquete Corse, Les Bronzées one of the most successful recent French comedies)

But a new Italian Star is rising, her Name Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Giovanna, 31, daughter of Italian stars of the 70s Vittori Mezzogiorno and Cecilia Saachi , is certainly one the most talented actress of her generation and similar to Monica driving high the  women standards for the 21st century . She worked in Paris for two years at the Peter Brook Workshop (Le Centre International de Créations Théatrales) Awarded best actress of the Venice film festival in 2005, she give no compromise to women freedom. She loves her profession, , is not looking for easy seduction although she could pretend to. To have the opportunity to play characters that are multiples, she simply work hard and engages herself fully into it. I do believe that Giovanna is to show up on all our screens and covers more and more and for long.

Her filmography :The Bride's Journey" (1997). Les Miserables" (2000) with Gerard Depardieu and John Malkovich, "The Last Kiss" (for which she was nominated for her first Italian Academy Award, the David.) "Nobel" (2001), "Malefemmene" (2001) and "Entrusted" with Klaus Maria Brandauer. Her last movie, Facing Windows Is again a wonderfull performance. 

Emmanuel Facovi 

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Success
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6 mai 2006 6 06 /05 /mai /2006 16:46

 A new comer is heavily investing into Paris area and building Residential Complex:

Stroimontage is arriving directly from - St Petersburg,Russia and being renamed Hermitage for its French operations (Hermitage is the famous St Petersburg Museum ). Stroimontage acquired a 1.5-hectare site where cell phone company Ericsson had its offices in Massy and 3.5 hectares in Montverrain

In 2008, they will deliver their 700 first “high class “ residential apartments" , 400 in South Paris and 300 in the Eastern  suburb close to Euro Disney Paris, at a price of approx 3500 Euro/m targeting Middle to High Class investors. 

Stroimontage President Artur Kirilenko said they would have completed the construction even earlier than 2008 if they would not faced a half-year delay from the town government, which decided to re-organize its general plan, but also a psychological reluctancy from some french decidors.

They are subcontracting the construction to Bateg ( Vinci Group) and using very innovative sales methods like  late evenings opening hours at their sales offices.



 Competition is watching this new comer , with increasing interest ( and maybe fears !) :




The total investment in property acquisition for the Paris area amounts up  to 100 Million US$.

Stroimontage means “Building”   in Russian (Spasiba Svetlana -J). It is a typical example of the success of these new Russian entrepreneurs who now developing outside their country and expanding West.

Founded in 1994, this road and building construction Enterprise did not managed to get paid by the Russian Government who was out of Money. As a compensation they inherited from many public apartments in St Petersburg city. Step by step, the real estate boom helped them moving to local promoting and managing . Then at a larger level they started  Real Estate Marketing operations in 1998.



In St Petersburg they build Petrovskiy Fort, a big Business Center and the “5th Element” a Condo of luxury apartments. In Moscow then they built the “Golden Keys”, also for the new rich Moscow citizen and the highest skyscraper towers in Europe in Federatsiya Business Quarter (a 500 Millions Euros Project)

Today Stroimontage is a very profitable  company (40 € millions Net Profit  for 350€ millions Turnover , 4500 Employees) that already built 1 million Sq/m.  Founding partners Kirilenko and Polonsky appeared on the Russian millionaires list today.

 What is their next move?

Stroimontage said it will diversify its business activities to the fields of aerospace technology, medicine and ecology. As an example Kirilenko cited Stroimontage's partnership with the Senchin institute in Moscow , which specializes in breast cancer research.

So, are you ready to invest you next Paris home with this company? I think it should be considered.





Emmanuel Facovi

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Svetlana Loginova - dans New Success
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9 avril 2006 7 09 /04 /avril /2006 14:56

Ethical coffee was first to be seen on the racks of your supermarket and give you the opportunity to participate to fair a reward of local producers form the south or low cost countries.

 Graph source Max Havelaar 









As for food industry Max Havelaar labelled products already represent 1, 2 Billion Euros in 2005.

Less industrial made more handmade products, the ethical business is now spreading in all other consumer areas.

From 1995, the USA “sweatshop” group is condemning the social condition of textile workers and children in South Asian countries.

Multinational Companies have now  understood they can also make their business by marketing ethical products made of cotton and wool with no pesticide or chemical treatments and worked out with a strong social care.

This year Rica Lewis is launching a new range of ethical Jeans, made of cotton from Cameroon, with the objective to make 10 % of its total sales within 3 years.  Already this year 50000 jeans should be sold in at a price below 40 Euros, this representing 5 % of Rica revenues.

Veja of Brazil is launching ethical tennis shoes and traniers , made of biological cotton and rubber. Already a geat success amoung teenagers of the world. 

Major brands such as American Apparel who is selling for approx 250 million Dollars of ethical T shirts every year, H& M, La Redoute, propose their ethical collections.




 A group of 8 manufacturers (La Redoute, Celio, Harcot et Colombier, Hydra, Kindy, Armor Lux et Heider) have committed to use at least 80 % of ethical cotton in their products .

Ethical fashion has now its Exhibition in Paris the “Ethical Fashion Market®,” on May 12-14 and  an Ethical Fashion Show see  www.ethicalfashionshow.com   in l’ Espace Pierre Cardin  on October 2006. 


 Emmanuel Facovi


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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Success
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30 mars 2006 4 30 /03 /mars /2006 10:36

On March 29th, a conference on Managing a Team from Home and Home working was organized by FRES ( see www.fres-asso.org )  . This conference was held by experienced "remote"managers and teleconferencing equipment representative.  

Marie Anne Achin from Genesys

Jean Luc Lefevre from Duo Formation,

Ulf Avrin from Microsoft

Lars Lindren from Venture  Securities

Some of the key learnings from this conference are implied by the development of new technologies that permit to access to new modes of communications and managements.

Bill Gates Statements about 80' being the decade of Quality, 90' of Engineering and 2000' of High Speed or Velocity are featuring the debates. Working at the speed of the Thinking is enabled with new equipments and organizations in a "global" world :Internet communication, emails, messengers systems, teleconferencing systems , skype , on line interactivity.




 In many cases the performance of a company is no more assessed by its core competences but  its ability to  act and respond faster than competitors , and new communications technology offer a shortcut for remote managers.

Some studies by the Yale University shows that the most successful engineers in companies are the ones that are capable to better use the communication networks and gather the right info at the right place liaising with pairs.

So, this being said  what are the  major challenges of  managing a team from a remote place or from home ? 

At first the distance would not permit the same level or kind of authority than would be implemented in a proximity situation. To get to the goal it must be considered than the collaborators are themselves enforcing authority on their professional behaviours, meaning they must have a strong organization of their time, a communication and understanding skills and  be result focussed. Something you must be capable to deeply train, as well as getting them to find satisfaction in the accomplishment of the given tasks, more than being the authoritative boss provides the good and bad points.

Remote management amplifies qualities and weaknesses, as such using it to resolve conflicts is extremely difficult. In this mode of  relation , the anticipation of an emerging conflict is absolutely key .Once the conflict occurs it is almost impossible to cool it down and the face to face mode becomes mandatory.

Prior deploying a remote management, it is preferable to  go through exercise building an efficient team spirit with the members of the team.

Distance perfectly suits to Rolling out a project ,  briefing and making reviews  and the existing  wiith new NTIC tools, but brainstorming, interactivity sessions, motivation, or negotiation better result via a face to face meeting.

In order to cope with the difficulty of the formalized distance meetings , it is recommended set up in parallel very systematic but informal  conference calls, where the participants can freely exchange. The "on the phone" coffee break where self-censorship of a formal meeting  can be sided out.



To sum up, remote management is rapidly expending, it permits enhanced efficiency and speed, but it needs particular attention. Only knowledgable users, with experience and awareness of the threats of such management mode can fully benefit from it. Also it require a strong discipline and organization , it can never totally subsitute to the "one to one-face to face" relation.











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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Success
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15 mars 2006 3 15 /03 /mars /2006 11:48

Plus de 2 Millions de francais vivent en dehors de nos frontières

Le Samedi 4  mars 2005, le Senat a organisé, la journée des français à l'étranger.

Tables rondes, conférences, expositions,  forums, l'occasion d'échanger sur la présence de la France a l’étranger, mais surtout  de découvrir des parcours étonnants de français qui ont réussis hors de nos frontières, des français habités avant tout par l'esprit de découverte  et  de conquête. Il n'était pas question de ces français qui fuient pour protéger leur patrimoine.

Ayant passé ces 15 dernières années, aux USA, en Chine, en Inde, dans les pays de l'est ou au Japon, ou plus proche de nous en Allemagne ou en Finlande, confronté  à nos différences culturelles et économiques, comment ne pas me sentir concerné. Comment se situe la France ,  quelle est son influence, comment se  comportent  ses ressortissants sur les marchés étrangers,

Aujourd’hui 12 sénateurs représentent les français de l’étranger auprès de ses institutions.

En terme d’emploi, la commission européenne a mis en place l ‘EURES, une agence pour l’emploi ou l’un peux consulter des offre, avoir accès a des dossiers comparatifs sur l’ensemble de L’Espace Economique Européen, accessible sur le site http://europa.eu.int/eures

Pour les aider et les accompagne sur les marchés étrangers,  les entreprises et les entrepreneurs français,  peuvent compter sur une nouvelle structure UBIFRance (Agence Française pour le développement international des Entreprises) regroupant les services du réseau international des  Missions Economiques  regroupant les informations pour l’accès aux marchés étrangers, et la promotion des entreprises françaises   www.ubifrance.fr

Les entreprises Francaises exportatrices présentent leur offre sur le site www.Firmafrance.com

 ou sur les 2200 Conseillers du commerce Extérieur de la France expatriés , des hommes et de femmes d’entreprises choisis pour leurs compétences a l’international et nommés pour 3 ans , voir le site www.cnccef.org  



L’offre éducative, culturelle et linguistique n’est pas en reste avec le réseau des alliances françaises qui diffusent notre langue ou  le projet de nouvelle chaine  française d’information internationale   (FCII)                                                                                                       autre site d’interets : www.expatriés.senat.fr 







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Published by emmanuel - dans New Success
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