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30 septembre 2006 6 30 /09 /septembre /2006 13:43

Not a Toy but a real 100$ Laptop . This is the crazy project developped by  Nicholas Negroponte from MIT Media Lab, called ONE LAPTOP PER CHILDREN . OLPC is a non profit organization  (see OLPC website )



It aims to produce a low cost notebook computer for children in developing nations, allowing them to pick up programming skills and enhance their education through the use of the internet.

The laptops are expected to launch under the name '2B1' some time early next year at a cost of about $140 per unit as launch stage.The laptops are powered by an AMD processor and run an adapted version of Fedora Linux. They will connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi mesh network. The power generation can be done by innovative ways including a Wind up.

Quanta Computer of Taiwan ( a 10 Billion $ company) will be the Manufacturer of this Laptop that will be able to do everything a basic computer does except storage big amount od data.

Nigeria already ordered and paid 1 million pieces. Thailand already is driving tests in some areas and many Ministery of education already show interest in the program. ( see Map Orange colours shows interested Ministeries and Green Pilot countries for the program launch)

A 100$ PC is another project developped by cie  in India  .Rajesh Jain, co-founder of  Novatium, which right now is manufacturing its first 10,000 $100 computers. The Novatium computer is not really a laptop or a desktop, but probably closer to the old idea of a network computer, you plugs into either a TV or monitor and any keyboard. It has no hard drive or internal storage. If you want to save something, you do it on a portable USB key drive. The PC provide a network connection and access to network-based software -- most of it open-source

Bill Gates criticised the small screen and hand crank, but isn't that initiative a new way of caring for our future and develpment of our world ? 

Emmanuel Facovi with Via Venture 



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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Business
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9 août 2006 3 09 /08 /août /2006 10:14


After Speed Dating ... High Speed dating (in train)?

 This Summer a new concept has been launch by IDTGV the web affiliate of SNCF (french Railways). The passengers who book the High Speed Train Ticket online place an Add on the Website to meet and date other passengers in the train. 

Surveying the profile of its passengers on the high Speed Trains in France, SNCF and IDTGV realized that he is a 35  websurfer  ,travel alone (69% of them) , and wish to meet and exchange with other passengers during the (even short) journey.

This leaded to developp a new service named IDTGVandCo that permit to select and meet passengers  traveling  on the same train prior and during the trip.

How does it works?

After buying you ticket online you get a file number that permit to access to the service.

From then you put your profile online by responding to a questionnaire and can place and/or consult adds from other passengers in this train.

3 main areas of interest are displayed : Entertainement (Gaming/Movies..) , Exchange of Knowledges/Competences (Business , Hobbies) , Goog Tips (Travel, Visits, Services)

There is a moderator that look at the adds making sure that their is no offenses or unpurposed messages.

You can then reveive email alerts once new profile come on the site or someone try to contact you.

Once you have found someone of interest you can get in contact with him, start to communicate on internet  then meet in the train.

In the train ,you are welcomed by supervisors.  There are reserved areas where you can seat face to face and ...enjoy the meeting.

What does it Cost

To get in contact with one other passenger 1,5 Euros or 5 Euros for unlimited contacts.

The service is aimed to further extension, maybe targeting Business professionals or other customer segments.

Behind the well-shaped intention of sharing interest during a trip  the service will for sure create dating opportunities, and who know if in some time from now there will not be wedding trains...

If you tried this service please share your experience. In the U.S some kind of similar service permit you to select who you will seat next on airplanes, the communication era is now converging transportatiion and relationships.



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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Business
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17 mai 2006 3 17 /05 /mai /2006 14:37


  Business success story

A new concept of fitness centers  -Liberty Fitness- is breaking the records in USA and now in the rest of the world. Founded  by Liberty Harper , a San Diego 24 years old American fitness trainer ,Liberty Fitness propose a fitness place dedicated to women  with specific training concept and equipments.

The concept is based on a 30 minutes training program on a "for women" designed equipment on the sound of energizing music.

No usual weight lifting there but hydraulic machines developed for women and  fitting their specific morphology, endurance, strength and workout requirements. A personal trainer, a woman of course is assigned an coaching your dedicated programs

No feeling to be observed or surrounded by men's eyes here, they are "persona non grata ". Women can open talk, laugh, be themselves.  .

In a time where loosing weight is also  growing concern for women, the concept does not end at simple exercising. Nutrition and Wellness are emphasized with specific program and amenities such as Hydro massages or Sunlight saunas.






 The concept is now a major success with franchises all through with 14000 centers. With aver 60 % of american women overweighed and a Fitness clubs growth rate of 7% per year over the past 15 years and are forecast to grow 14% per year near-term, there is continues expending perspect.

Women  focussed well-being with specialized press like "Women Fitness and Health" is increasingly popular, more and more article are also making national and international  magazines covers.

This concept has recently been launched in Paris 15th, by  Cecile Mallet  a French marketing student who imported the concept and there is a plan for 40 " O sport" centers this year.

Lets guess that same success will knock the door.  

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Business
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4 mai 2006 4 04 /05 /mai /2006 23:02

 Do you know the BYO restaurants ? Yes BYO not BIO

BYO goes for Bring Your Own (Bottle) . This new restaurant concept is coming right away from New Zealand and Australia , and yet a new BYO opens every day in big  American Cities.

Originaly BYO restaurants are the ones not having the licence to sell alcohoolic beverages and liquors, so that they permitted their clients to bring their own bottles.

Believe it or not , those restaurants are about to become the most popular and trendy in the US . Customers get tired to pay high price for "dirty" wines or do not want  to pay a fortune for good ones.

(it is a rule in restaurant to price a bottle 6 to 20 times its cost)

Now in the US hips and Urbans like the idea to select their own wine at reasonable price at the streert  corner winecelar.

As a matter of fact BYO restaurants are basically providing good food, some of them vegetarian or natural products . Their design is  very modern and  stylish , with cool  music. 

Many people who would not go to a restaurant are  BYO addicts now. W

Wealthy peoples and VIP  are going there because they love the concept of coming with their own great wines and have an "happening" there.

I have not seen one in Europe so far , what do you think a new Eldorado businesss idea !!!I wonder if this can cope with french way ?


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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Business
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