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World visits

13 janvier 2007 6 13 /01 /janvier /2007 15:47
What is the ultimate dream of people in regard of living places ?

Maybe you could find some hints by looking what is going on in the persian Gulf countries

Quatar for instance: a 2,5 Billion dollars project called the Pearl  is planning the building of an artificial island 20 km north of Doha
Pearl will host 40 000 inhabitants by 2009.

Featuring 3 marinas, luxury apparments, penthouses , restaurants, retail shops, full range of commodities, ...it aims to be a paradise  for its occupants. 

Nearby the main Island, 9 smaller fully private ones are for sale.
To know more about this project from United Development click here

Projects currently in final phase in Dubai give an other relevant example of what could be the city of the future:
a mix of Modernity and Natural Environement outlook

15 years back: Who would have bet   that someone oustide EAU rich citizen would spend for acquiring a lodging in Dubai close to its Petrol factories,  deserts, hot climate, and multiple prohibitions

but....living on a sunny Island on a top class building  seems to be of more attractive even in Dubai

Dubai has made it with this giant project  creating artificial islands on its coast.

The Resort called The world is composed of 300 Islands displaying  the WorldMap .Each island is for sale worth $8 to $45 millions. Available next year.

The Palm Islands,  are the largest artifical islands in the world.

Palm Jumeirha , Palm Jebel Ali and Palm deira  are built in the shape of a date palm tree. For information and videos on these projects from Nakheel go here

In 2008, Dubai will also have the highest tower in the World. With 700 meters high Burj  Dubai  will  count  not less that 160 levels  of offices,  appartements, shops....

More over , if you want to go skying it is also availaible , just here with in the city at the Dubai Snow park that opened in 2005 . 400 meters of slopes that would make you feel like in French Alps. (it is by the way managed by a french guy). 4000 Visitors enjoy it
every day.
Emmanuel Facovi

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Destination
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pvdg 19/01/2007 20:14

Please avoid using the term "future" when describing all that crap in Dubai, when so many earthlings use the same word to speak about their hope in a better life tomorrow. Sorry for my english.