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World visits

11 novembre 2006 6 11 /11 /novembre /2006 16:27

What key factors made of a company like Nokia the undisputed World leader in Mobile Technology  (over 35 % Handsets Market Share / over 30 Billions Euros Turnover)

When I started to work with Nokia in Finland in the early 90s,it was just  sketching a strategy in the telecommunication market.
At that time the company was a small to medium player in making tyres, cables, TV sets..
Nokia then step up in telecommunication market with NMT (Nordic Mobile Trunk) products, the ancestor of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication).

Of course there is many reasons why Nokia became sucessfull: brilliant technology, clever marketing, manufacturing
exellence and procurement  securing the exploding market demand  ....but

all those are the effects of a remarkable management and organization that  put  the Collective Efficiency as the cement of knowledge, Innovation, Talents and Initiatives.

From a start point Nokia Management had  a very high consideration and respect for  the personnel.  Individuals were considered as the precious source of  the overall success  and had the opportunity to developp themselves,  go for experience in a foreign countries, change job positions and exchange ideas.
Some of my friends I met in the cold northern Finland many years ago are now enjoying family life in Texas for a decade.
On the other side customers and partners were a key focus for the development of new products and services. Ascendant marketing  permited to segment the offering (remember the  interchangeable phone covers)

Nokia developped many collaborative tools and communities that helped communication, exchanges within and outside the company:
For developpers  with  Developpers Forums or Competitions,
For customers with Club Nokia or Forum Blogs ,
For third party companies with Growth partner program ,
For  Start ups with  BlueRun  Ventures (Capital), for universities ,
For designers with Nokia Concept lounge....,
For subcontractors with Nokia Clusters, 
For young generation with the sponsoring of sport events (X games..)
.. and many others

At a time when many companies still have not understood the benefits of working an other way that top-down and bottom-up , Nokia give a bright illustration of managing an extended enterprise with  "collective efficiency" .

Lets guess that the new era of Web 2.0 (Blogs, Wikis, Communities Networks..) will lead more and more companies to adopt a new way of managing. Some others such a Nokia or Google are doing that for long.

Emmanuel Facovi

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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Jo 18/11/2006 20:10

Regardless of the management excellence at Nokia, mobile phones are more or less identical these days and the only strong thing going for them is the image they evoke.
For some time now I'm very attracted to the designs of Sony Ericsson phones and it seems that Nokia phones over the past year are following exactly the same design concept. A lot of Nokia phones does not have very high quality and features too.
Right now, brands that have marketed themselves more acurately like Motorolla and LG with their Blue Ocean plan is gaining share while Nokia is going down. Maybe Nokia does not know what people want anymore, despite their technical and manufacturing strengths.