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19 novembre 2006 7 19 /11 /novembre /2006 12:51

 The stratospheric Vehicle


you know what is a satellite, but do you know what is a STRATELLITE

A Trade Mark from SANSWIRE company an airship and communications technology manufacturer .

 What is a Stratellite?

It is a 75m long high tech air vehicle (balloon type) designed to fly in the stratosphere , 21 km above earth , and to manage communications (broadband, mobile phones..) in a area of 770 000 sq km. It is robot piloted, and powered by solar cells.

Stratellite has an autonomy of 18 months. The first exemplary is to be launched over Lima , Peru and will handle all communications such as Voice , VoIP, video, and WIFI services.

Sanswire plan to manufacture hundreds to thousands of those "flying wales " that will populate our sky, primarily the states of South America, at a much lower cost than satellites (only 10 %).

Except Telecommunications the stratellite can respond a very large scheme of applications like security ,environment or defense missions.

 Emmanuel Facovi

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Tech and Product
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