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30 septembre 2006 6 30 /09 /septembre /2006 13:43

Not a Toy but a real 100$ Laptop . This is the crazy project developped by  Nicholas Negroponte from MIT Media Lab, called ONE LAPTOP PER CHILDREN . OLPC is a non profit organization  (see OLPC website )



It aims to produce a low cost notebook computer for children in developing nations, allowing them to pick up programming skills and enhance their education through the use of the internet.

The laptops are expected to launch under the name '2B1' some time early next year at a cost of about $140 per unit as launch stage.The laptops are powered by an AMD processor and run an adapted version of Fedora Linux. They will connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi mesh network. The power generation can be done by innovative ways including a Wind up.

Quanta Computer of Taiwan ( a 10 Billion $ company) will be the Manufacturer of this Laptop that will be able to do everything a basic computer does except storage big amount od data.

Nigeria already ordered and paid 1 million pieces. Thailand already is driving tests in some areas and many Ministery of education already show interest in the program. ( see Map Orange colours shows interested Ministeries and Green Pilot countries for the program launch)

A 100$ PC is another project developped by cie  in India  .Rajesh Jain, co-founder of  Novatium, which right now is manufacturing its first 10,000 $100 computers. The Novatium computer is not really a laptop or a desktop, but probably closer to the old idea of a network computer, you plugs into either a TV or monitor and any keyboard. It has no hard drive or internal storage. If you want to save something, you do it on a portable USB key drive. The PC provide a network connection and access to network-based software -- most of it open-source

Bill Gates criticised the small screen and hand crank, but isn't that initiative a new way of caring for our future and develpment of our world ? 

Emmanuel Facovi with Via Venture 



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