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World visits

8 juillet 2006 6 08 /07 /juillet /2006 14:16



For years you have been said to switch off your cell phone  in airplanes before take off.

....and most of the airlines adding that using a cell phone will disturb the plane electronic equipment and why not .... create a CRASH !!! 

I have been working with specialist of  embarqued electronics , I have been working with Nokia for over 10 years  and none of the R/D people could ever confirm any risk of interferences between cell phones and  equipment. The level of shielding of the equipment is such that the only think you could interefere with is the stewardess brain :-)

Anyway, a revolution in the airline 's world with Ryanair, the Irish budget airlines. The low cost Airline find an interesting way to generate new revenues.

Ryanair  announced it will begin to offer cellular service on its planes in mid-2007. If the plan is approved by European regulatory bodies, the airline will outfit 50 of its jets with the OnAir service next year, and will install the service in the rest of its fleet in 2008.

Other airlines apart from Ryanair have expressed an interest in the system with Air France-KLM the first airline set to start trials of the service in February 2007.

Something that may please businessmen and others, but make the one sitting around you  very noisy.

would you use your own phone to place calls, send text messages or your blackberrys on air ?

 Emmanuel Facovi



for others who would prefer to fly on Virgin Atlantic

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans Business Case
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