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9 août 2006 3 09 /08 /août /2006 10:14


After Speed Dating ... High Speed dating (in train)?

 This Summer a new concept has been launch by IDTGV the web affiliate of SNCF (french Railways). The passengers who book the High Speed Train Ticket online place an Add on the Website to meet and date other passengers in the train. 

Surveying the profile of its passengers on the high Speed Trains in France, SNCF and IDTGV realized that he is a 35  websurfer  ,travel alone (69% of them) , and wish to meet and exchange with other passengers during the (even short) journey.

This leaded to developp a new service named IDTGVandCo that permit to select and meet passengers  traveling  on the same train prior and during the trip.

How does it works?

After buying you ticket online you get a file number that permit to access to the service.

From then you put your profile online by responding to a questionnaire and can place and/or consult adds from other passengers in this train.

3 main areas of interest are displayed : Entertainement (Gaming/Movies..) , Exchange of Knowledges/Competences (Business , Hobbies) , Goog Tips (Travel, Visits, Services)

There is a moderator that look at the adds making sure that their is no offenses or unpurposed messages.

You can then reveive email alerts once new profile come on the site or someone try to contact you.

Once you have found someone of interest you can get in contact with him, start to communicate on internet  then meet in the train.

In the train ,you are welcomed by supervisors.  There are reserved areas where you can seat face to face and ...enjoy the meeting.

What does it Cost

To get in contact with one other passenger 1,5 Euros or 5 Euros for unlimited contacts.

The service is aimed to further extension, maybe targeting Business professionals or other customer segments.

Behind the well-shaped intention of sharing interest during a trip  the service will for sure create dating opportunities, and who know if in some time from now there will not be wedding trains...

If you tried this service please share your experience. In the U.S some kind of similar service permit you to select who you will seat next on airplanes, the communication era is now converging transportatiion and relationships.



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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Business
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