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6 juin 2006 2 06 /06 /juin /2006 14:23


Interesting information in La Tribune  (French Economic Newspaper- issue March 31st) about Traveling to the USA.

IN 2004 European Union and USA have signed an agreeement relative to the transfer of Information on Passengers flying to the USA. This agreement stipulates that Airlines  have the obligation to transmit (to the American Authorities) a batch of information on every flying passenger.

The information list 34 different topics such as Adress, Phone Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, contacts, Car resa...

The European Court of Justice has just stated that this agreemet is illegal, as it has been signed by the European Commission without obtaining the Agreement from the individual European States who should keep their souvereignity in Police and  Justice matters. Moreover the European Parlament had voted against this agreement considering it is an infringement to the principle of Individual Freedom.

Washington simply indicates that Airlines not providing  required information will simply be banned from Landing on US Territorry. So far European Airlines refused to comment....

The European Court of Justice has given a temporary exemption until September 30 , so that a resolve could be find bewteen USA and Europe, and  a new major crisis could be avoided.

Knowing the piracy of personnal datas in USA, with increasing cases  of identity or credit cards abuse, lets hope that those one will be propoerly secured



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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Destination
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