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World visits

1 mai 2006 1 01 /05 /mai /2006 09:51

Diplomacy as understood today has very little in common with the Diplomacy from King Louis 14th or Diplomacy during the Cold War.

Globalisation of world economy has moved Diplomacy from Political to Economical field with increasing number of actors. Today world is ruled by global companies and cross national alliance between those companies who need diplomats to lobby on international organizations and governments.

The states themselves are engaged into the economic competition requiring this new type of diplomacy, sometimes State Presidents take a direct part into it acting as Super Salesmen

From the scope of  Borders and Defense we have seen   diplomatic action growing n the field of Energy, Transportation Industry (Car, Planes), Telecommunication, Biology and Technology (Hard and Software’s). Some of the more powerfull managers wear a dipmomat cap today.

Bill Gates himself has moved from a Genius Engineer to a Brilliant Entrepreneur  to the leading Microsoft Chief Diplomat , spending much times with Gouvernments and Political representatives.

Looking at the traditional diplomacy , What are the most active diplomatic issues between countries today?
What about Nuclear policy in Europe vs. Green Parties?
What about Petrol in Iraq?
What about Internet freedom in China? What about Gas power in Russia?
What about sending Western waste in Africa? Or Ships Wrecks in India? What about Forest in Brazil? What about Cocaine in Colombia?
Let’s be clear! most of it  about Money, and Money is what is driving the diplomatic games

On the Economic field, doing business in India, China, Middle East, Japan … can simply not be done by importing US or Western best practices.
Global Business Men are good in managing their operations with other Business People but in most of the cases are not efficient to manage Non-Business actors. It often can lead to crisis, conflicts or missed business opportunities.

At the same time that the economic world is globalizing, the political world is decentralizing and more and more power is moved from Central Governments to Regional States or Provinces.
Instead of State to State negotiations, local or regional authorities are now leading the Games.

New diplomats are now required at State levels: they are named Economic Diplomats and Commercial Diplomats.
At Non-Sate levels, Companies or Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) they are named Corporate Diplomats and Business Diplomats.
Who they are??? …. to be followed in the New Diplomacy -Part 2

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans the secret recipe
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