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World visits

6 mai 2006 6 06 /05 /mai /2006 16:46

 A new comer is heavily investing into Paris area and building Residential Complex:

Stroimontage is arriving directly from - St Petersburg,Russia and being renamed Hermitage for its French operations (Hermitage is the famous St Petersburg Museum ). Stroimontage acquired a 1.5-hectare site where cell phone company Ericsson had its offices in Massy and 3.5 hectares in Montverrain

In 2008, they will deliver their 700 first “high class “ residential apartments" , 400 in South Paris and 300 in the Eastern  suburb close to Euro Disney Paris, at a price of approx 3500 Euro/m targeting Middle to High Class investors. 

Stroimontage President Artur Kirilenko said they would have completed the construction even earlier than 2008 if they would not faced a half-year delay from the town government, which decided to re-organize its general plan, but also a psychological reluctancy from some french decidors.

They are subcontracting the construction to Bateg ( Vinci Group) and using very innovative sales methods like  late evenings opening hours at their sales offices.



 Competition is watching this new comer , with increasing interest ( and maybe fears !) :




The total investment in property acquisition for the Paris area amounts up  to 100 Million US$.

Stroimontage means “Building”   in Russian (Spasiba Svetlana -J). It is a typical example of the success of these new Russian entrepreneurs who now developing outside their country and expanding West.

Founded in 1994, this road and building construction Enterprise did not managed to get paid by the Russian Government who was out of Money. As a compensation they inherited from many public apartments in St Petersburg city. Step by step, the real estate boom helped them moving to local promoting and managing . Then at a larger level they started  Real Estate Marketing operations in 1998.



In St Petersburg they build Petrovskiy Fort, a big Business Center and the “5th Element” a Condo of luxury apartments. In Moscow then they built the “Golden Keys”, also for the new rich Moscow citizen and the highest skyscraper towers in Europe in Federatsiya Business Quarter (a 500 Millions Euros Project)

Today Stroimontage is a very profitable  company (40 € millions Net Profit  for 350€ millions Turnover , 4500 Employees) that already built 1 million Sq/m.  Founding partners Kirilenko and Polonsky appeared on the Russian millionaires list today.

 What is their next move?

Stroimontage said it will diversify its business activities to the fields of aerospace technology, medicine and ecology. As an example Kirilenko cited Stroimontage's partnership with the Senchin institute in Moscow , which specializes in breast cancer research.

So, are you ready to invest you next Paris home with this company? I think it should be considered.





Emmanuel Facovi

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Svetlana Loginova - dans New Success
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