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World visits

15 juillet 2006 6 15 /07 /juillet /2006 19:34


In March I went for a two weeks business trips in Boston, Dallas and other places.

Night out in some of the hip places; I discovered in the Pink Martini Club of Philadelphia the new Drink phenomenon.

Expecting these beautiful fox to go for Champagne , Martini, Gins, Cocktails but!!!

" -What ! You don’t know this? It is definitely the World s Best Vodka, and this is French!!!!! Natural, in cocktail or flavoured it is THE DRINK IN USA"

At first the girls from Sex in the city and their fans Urbans, VIPs, Models, Actors, Happy Few, Clubbers, Business addicts, College students, Geeks, Trend Girls , all go for it!

I am well knowledgeable about famous Russian brands, but  French Vodka, what can it be?  In the USA it is obvious.


Made in the Cognac region this Vodka has clearly used a very smart marketing strategy.

A brilliant Bottle design, with specific shape and colours, featuring Mountains, Water, Purity, Freedom

The Image of Top Quality with best natural ingredients, the use of French natural waters, wheat processed by the Maitre de Chais from Cognac Francois Thibault

A flavoured taste on choice also with Lemon, Orange or Vanilla, and You can drink it in milk or fruit drinks, straight up, or with rocks

A  High Price, the sign of exclusivity and success in not less than 30 $

A Unique web site, http://www.greygoosevodka.com



In near Cognac “Gensac-la-Pallue” two lines bottling respectively 7.000 and 12.000 bottles an hour with. 20 employees.

How did they promote the Grey Goose ? simply by inviting American journalists to a Concorde Trip from New York to Bordeaux .

Let’s guess that this clever ideas maybe is a baby of the Absolut Vodka from , who start to market different type of Vodkas with Fruits and a different bottle design.

Grey goose already top ranks in Number 40 of all drinks in the world with 2,5 million boxes a year, and was sold by the 84 years old Billionaire Sidney Frank to Baccardi.Group  for some 2 billion $ in 2004 . Cooking books with Grey goose Vodka are blooming , Cucumber Soup with Grey Goose Vodka is already a must

Emmanuel Facovi


Emmanuel Facovi 

Emmanuel Facovi 
















That s marketing….!  

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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans Business Case
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