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World visits

9 avril 2006 7 09 /04 /avril /2006 14:56

Ethical coffee was first to be seen on the racks of your supermarket and give you the opportunity to participate to fair a reward of local producers form the south or low cost countries.

 Graph source Max Havelaar 









As for food industry Max Havelaar labelled products already represent 1, 2 Billion Euros in 2005.

Less industrial made more handmade products, the ethical business is now spreading in all other consumer areas.

From 1995, the USA “sweatshop” group is condemning the social condition of textile workers and children in South Asian countries.

Multinational Companies have now  understood they can also make their business by marketing ethical products made of cotton and wool with no pesticide or chemical treatments and worked out with a strong social care.

This year Rica Lewis is launching a new range of ethical Jeans, made of cotton from Cameroon, with the objective to make 10 % of its total sales within 3 years.  Already this year 50000 jeans should be sold in at a price below 40 Euros, this representing 5 % of Rica revenues.

Veja of Brazil is launching ethical tennis shoes and traniers , made of biological cotton and rubber. Already a geat success amoung teenagers of the world. 

Major brands such as American Apparel who is selling for approx 250 million Dollars of ethical T shirts every year, H& M, La Redoute, propose their ethical collections.




 A group of 8 manufacturers (La Redoute, Celio, Harcot et Colombier, Hydra, Kindy, Armor Lux et Heider) have committed to use at least 80 % of ethical cotton in their products .

Ethical fashion has now its Exhibition in Paris the “Ethical Fashion Market®,” on May 12-14 and  an Ethical Fashion Show see  www.ethicalfashionshow.com   in l’ Espace Pierre Cardin  on October 2006. 


 Emmanuel Facovi


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