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30 mars 2006 4 30 /03 /mars /2006 10:36

On March 29th, a conference on Managing a Team from Home and Home working was organized by FRES ( see www.fres-asso.org )  . This conference was held by experienced "remote"managers and teleconferencing equipment representative.  

Marie Anne Achin from Genesys

Jean Luc Lefevre from Duo Formation,

Ulf Avrin from Microsoft

Lars Lindren from Venture  Securities

Some of the key learnings from this conference are implied by the development of new technologies that permit to access to new modes of communications and managements.

Bill Gates Statements about 80' being the decade of Quality, 90' of Engineering and 2000' of High Speed or Velocity are featuring the debates. Working at the speed of the Thinking is enabled with new equipments and organizations in a "global" world :Internet communication, emails, messengers systems, teleconferencing systems , skype , on line interactivity.




 In many cases the performance of a company is no more assessed by its core competences but  its ability to  act and respond faster than competitors , and new communications technology offer a shortcut for remote managers.

Some studies by the Yale University shows that the most successful engineers in companies are the ones that are capable to better use the communication networks and gather the right info at the right place liaising with pairs.

So, this being said  what are the  major challenges of  managing a team from a remote place or from home ? 

At first the distance would not permit the same level or kind of authority than would be implemented in a proximity situation. To get to the goal it must be considered than the collaborators are themselves enforcing authority on their professional behaviours, meaning they must have a strong organization of their time, a communication and understanding skills and  be result focussed. Something you must be capable to deeply train, as well as getting them to find satisfaction in the accomplishment of the given tasks, more than being the authoritative boss provides the good and bad points.

Remote management amplifies qualities and weaknesses, as such using it to resolve conflicts is extremely difficult. In this mode of  relation , the anticipation of an emerging conflict is absolutely key .Once the conflict occurs it is almost impossible to cool it down and the face to face mode becomes mandatory.

Prior deploying a remote management, it is preferable to  go through exercise building an efficient team spirit with the members of the team.

Distance perfectly suits to Rolling out a project ,  briefing and making reviews  and the existing  wiith new NTIC tools, but brainstorming, interactivity sessions, motivation, or negotiation better result via a face to face meeting.

In order to cope with the difficulty of the formalized distance meetings , it is recommended set up in parallel very systematic but informal  conference calls, where the participants can freely exchange. The "on the phone" coffee break where self-censorship of a formal meeting  can be sided out.



To sum up, remote management is rapidly expending, it permits enhanced efficiency and speed, but it needs particular attention. Only knowledgable users, with experience and awareness of the threats of such management mode can fully benefit from it. Also it require a strong discipline and organization , it can never totally subsitute to the "one to one-face to face" relation.











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Published by Emmanuel facovi & Via venture team - dans New Success
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