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13 septembre 2006 3 13 /09 /septembre /2006 13:49

Techno- Land and Entrepreneur paradise







Small is beautiful. This Baltic North Europe country with its 1,4 million people, joined Europe Union in May 2004.

A look on  future and a distinctive model of new technologies implementations.

  The Estonian, a connected E-CitizenMost Estonians have an ID card with on a credit card format with a Chip, they vote with their computers, 90 % of bank services go through internet, pay  parking or buy  transport tickets with their  mobile phones, send  tax declaration online within a few minutes; There you can connect your laptop from anywhere wireless via the WIFI technology.The Tiger leap project  connect all Estonian schools too the Internet, a major education  medium. 

Biotechnology is an other area of strong development of the Estonians economy. With the goal of preventing people health and data base builds up and map the population genetics features (http://www.genomics.ee )

Estonia provide a very attractive fiscal system for individuals and Businesses.  Income Tax is among the lowest and simplest: 23% for all individuals, but the favourable treatment is even more beneficial for Enterprises: 0 % Tax on Companies profits if reinvested, and 26 % on company dividends.

The average monthly salary is 600 Euros, and the minimum guaranteed salary 192 Euros. Labour cost is still very competitive,









Do not believe that has an impact on the Public Finance. In Estonia Public Budget deficit is prohibited

Estonia is also a beautiful tourism desination, history and nature life desserve a visit.

Get a charm from  the pretty Tallin  
















Learn more about and its Baltic neighbours at: www.baltictimes.com and one of  the best and most  complete site on at http://shaan.typepad.com/shaanou/




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