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17 mars 2006 5 17 /03 /mars /2006 15:12

Can you surf the Networking wave ? Are you  an efficient “Networker”  ?

Get use to it,  those are now  the questions to be answered  to get  a successful professional label.

So you are better to start from now.

Reading the numerous press articles, books, TV shows or miscellaneous web communications on the subject, once could believe this is here a new miracle discovery in establishing business or social relationships.

Nothing brand new here, except maybe that the networking Gurus are now promoting more systematic methodologies and that internet is providing the perfect tool to manage encountering process.

The Nancy University is giving very good advises on how to build your network on www.cyberfac-emploi.univ-nancy2.fr/ReseauProfessionnel/BatirReseau.htm and Hervé brommlaer in his book “trouver le bon job grace au reseau” gives us a recipe with 10 success factors.





Among the top recommendations, do not start to pick up you phone unless you are thoroughly prepared, review your personal project or objectives,get trained , go to the point of  obtaining information and a new leads, have a strong follow up of your interviews.The networking exercise is definitely setting up a 2 ways   , where “trust is the governing rule.

 New powerful tools now permit to have broad access to wide people databanks and links to multiples services, hubs, blogs. The are the sucessors of the first alumni websites that aimed to search for your school pals.

The selection criteria also permit to start a search base on names, companies or interests, or features. The most efficient Networking websites are currently www.viaduc.com n ; or www.linkedin for international profiles. Other like www.e-oudinot.com  is less user friendly but more selective.

The promoters of  Networking are  telling us it is the necessary  mean to get a new job ,  that is partly right , but do not forget that none of networking techniques will not supersedes your true personal assets.

Get ready an Happy Networking ...!









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steve 20/05/2006 14:20

Le site des reseaux des PME ; place des reseaux