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World visits

22 décembre 2007 6 22 /12 /décembre /2007 17:44
In an earlier article (here)  I introduced the upcoming of RFID products and applications that will invade our daily Lifes.

I briefly remind that RFID is an "electronic Label" made of a chip and an antenna, that contend Identification information  and  communicate via Radio Frequencies

A new step in development has been unveiled by Hitachi in Japan with the release of "Powder" RFID

A 5 microns thick, RFID chip measuring only  0.05 x 0.05 mm .The new chips have a 128-bit ROM for storing a unique 38-digit ID number. It will use a frequency of 2.45GHz.

This new RFID  Chip will be brought on the market  in the next 2 to 3 years. So with a high volume production we can imagine that in less than 10 years from now *all  single product , paper, document... can be RFID taged.

It is a new  revolution in the tracability of goods.

But it does not not only concern objects and merchandises.

Beyond the numerous industrial applications, People too...can be mapped, such a small chip  complete a range of available biological indentification means such as fingerprints, ADN...

The George Orwell vision of Big Brother watching us in his book "1984"  might year after year become  true... ?

emmanuel facovi

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14 novembre 2007 3 14 /11 /novembre /2007 15:30
      It is possible, Motion Portrait of  Tokyo in Japan has developped the technology that permits  to
bring your face picture to life.
Using a technology originaly developped by Sony research center, a picture is converted into a 3D model then animated
This is a new tentative to bring virtual world into our daily live.
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26 mars 2007 1 26 /03 /mars /2007 14:41

Beauty or not Beauty  

The reign of Beauty  is all around us: in Magazines, TV commercials, series , Media world , models are everywhere.....to be successful you must be beautiful.

But was is beauty ?  a subjective perception? maybe, maybe not.....some believe beauty is a mathematical equation

Our image can now be screened under the loop of a digital device and handled by computer softare that will imput what it would be under "recognized" beauty standards. 

Researchers at Tel Aviv University  have  developed this beauty enhancing software.

Some 250 measurement points were taken into account and once formulated, ton develop an algorithm to build elements of attractiveness -


To permit determine the features of beauty 300 men and women were asked to rank pictures of peoples faces with varying degrees of beauty.

This software might be an interesting toy fo plastic surgeons...

emmanuel facovi


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18 mars 2007 7 18 /03 /mars /2007 18:26
Takamichi Nakamoto from Tokyo Institute of Technology has invented a a device that can detect, record, digitize and then replicate any smell.

The 15 sensors of the machine analyze scents, record a recipe and convert  in digital format that can be used to store libraries of smell. It then can be reproduced  by mixing 96 chemical formulas.

Shopping for flowers online, or transmitting a smell trough a cell phone and sending it digitally to a receiver somewhere else in the world, watching a movie with recreating smells orf the environment, are some of the multiple application for the device.

Primarily the fragrance and flavour industries are the first showing interest in the technology. 
Emmanuel Facovi
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5 février 2007 1 05 /02 /février /2007 16:40
HEC Paris - Feb 1st - 2007

Togheter with some French executives and HEC Alumni I was invited by HEC Paris to participate to a conference and debate with Bill Gates

Microsoft is currently launching Vista with a $500 million  campaign

This was a great occasion to exchange on visions of the future, but also to know more about his background and path forward.

Bill Gates presented his vision of the world, preaching for development of the planet through the spreading of technologies and the access to information for everyone from Africa to Asia.

Bill pictured the society of tomorrow where the convergence of all media and systems will permit to be "wired" permanently in an interactive world.

The availability of information and new media will permit to create transparency in those countries where the practice block the individial initiatives.

It will permit to everyone to compete at a more equal level, in a more balanced world.  Already the Web 2 technologies  shows the great possibilities to generate new business models and speak up to a world with more freedom.

He explained how at the age of 13, together with his pal Joe Allen, he stepped into the entrepreneurial world.

At that time Bill gate had no ambition to succeed in Business, he was simply a passionate teenager, who loved spending his time programming.
He had the vision that computers could be used by the wide public and not only the companies. At that time this thinking was totally out of perspective, no one could believe that PC would reach most of our homes . IT was for specialists only.

He  focussed developing software that could be use with no clue of programming. There started the big story that made him the richest man in the world.

From 2008 Bill Gates will retire from his function of Microsoft Chairman and work exclusively for his foundation. His ambition is to partner with pharmaceutical companies to permit the access to medicine to whose who cannot afford to subsidy the billions R/D efforts  by paying the high price.

What surprised me most during this debate is  the simplicity and humanity  that  Bill Gates his showing though his formidable achievements.

Emmanuel Facovi

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28 janvier 2007 7 28 /01 /janvier /2007 18:04
Very certainly you remember Walt Disney movies Merlin the magician where objects lift up and float in the room.

Dutch architect Anjaap Ruijssenaars from Universe Architecture has made it in collaboration with Bakker Magnetics : A floating Bed.

This project started in 1999 and a prototype was presented in 2006 for a price of not less than 1,2 Million Euros

A permanent magnetic force is created due to the use of neodymium in the floor and the bedframe.

The matching set of repelling magnets permit the bed to  be held 40 cm above the ground.

Wires assure a fixed  position.


The bed can support a 900 Kg load . Others objects such as Sofas, Tables can be designed with the same technology.

 Emmanuel Facovi



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13 janvier 2007 6 13 /01 /janvier /2007 15:47
What is the ultimate dream of people in regard of living places ?

Maybe you could find some hints by looking what is going on in the persian Gulf countries

Quatar for instance: a 2,5 Billion dollars project called the Pearl  is planning the building of an artificial island 20 km north of Doha
Pearl will host 40 000 inhabitants by 2009.

Featuring 3 marinas, luxury apparments, penthouses , restaurants, retail shops, full range of commodities, ...it aims to be a paradise  for its occupants. 

Nearby the main Island, 9 smaller fully private ones are for sale.
To know more about this project from United Development click here

Projects currently in final phase in Dubai give an other relevant example of what could be the city of the future:
a mix of Modernity and Natural Environement outlook

15 years back: Who would have bet   that someone oustide EAU rich citizen would spend for acquiring a lodging in Dubai close to its Petrol factories,  deserts, hot climate, and multiple prohibitions

but....living on a sunny Island on a top class building  seems to be of more attractive even in Dubai

Dubai has made it with this giant project  creating artificial islands on its coast.

The Resort called The world is composed of 300 Islands displaying  the WorldMap .Each island is for sale worth $8 to $45 millions. Available next year.

The Palm Islands,  are the largest artifical islands in the world.

Palm Jumeirha , Palm Jebel Ali and Palm deira  are built in the shape of a date palm tree. For information and videos on these projects from Nakheel go here

In 2008, Dubai will also have the highest tower in the World. With 700 meters high Burj  Dubai  will  count  not less that 160 levels  of offices,  appartements, shops....

More over , if you want to go skying it is also availaible , just here with in the city at the Dubai Snow park that opened in 2005 . 400 meters of slopes that would make you feel like in French Alps. (it is by the way managed by a french guy). 4000 Visitors enjoy it
every day.
Emmanuel Facovi
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11 décembre 2006 1 11 /12 /décembre /2006 16:54
Magnetic levitation : Do you know what this is for ?

If you travel to Shangai in China , maybe you will have the chance to experiment this magnetic  technology also called Maglev
The fast train at the Pudong Airport  will bring you at a  speed of 430 km/hour to Shangai downtown thanks to the magnetic levitation.

But an other application is on development right now. In Japan Toshiba and Building system  corp  will be delivering the first High speed elevators in Tokyo early 2008.
The elevator will take you for a smooth ride of minimum 300 meters in one minute with almost no noise
The cabin has no guide rails or cables .  Instead, high powered magnets will suspend it.  In order to move the elevator, the magnets on the opposite end  are powered electrically in order to push the vehicle.

The story does not end here. NASA scientists are working on the space elevator.
A space elevator is essentially a long cable extending from our planet's surface into space with its center of mass at geostationary Earth orbit (GEO), 35,786 km in altitude. Electromagnetic vehicles traveling along the cable could serve as a mass transportation system for moving people, payloads, and power between Earth and space.
A ride to a lunar platfor would then take 5 hours
Emmanuel Facovi
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3 décembre 2006 7 03 /12 /décembre /2006 14:07
A new type of  hotel resort will start populating our oceans in the near futur : the Underwater Hotels

Once again Jules Vernes vision comes true

The first 220-suite hotel , Hydropolis  is due to open in Dubai at the end of 2007. Currently under construction (it started in 2005) Hydropolis is the world's first luxury underwater hotel.
A vast  land station welcome guests , a tunnel Hall transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the 220
bubble-shaped suites in a submarine leisure area.Each room will have bathtub and clear glass.

Guest will sleep with the fishes 20m below the surface of the Arabian Gulf.Two translucent domes will house a concert auditorium and a ballroom that break the water s surface,  three bars, a cosmetic surgery clinic, a marine biology research institute, a library, a museum, prayer rooms, a private cinema, a retail area selling ocean-related wares, and three 150-seat restaurants.

The investement is
Euros 550 million worth.It will  benefit construction technologies employed in submarines and offshore platforms. It is supported by the Dubai Development and Investment Authority.

Next to come Hydropalace will be near Quingdao in China.I is expected to be ready for the Olympic Games.

But numerous projects now take place. Monaco in Europe could be one location.

In Fidji Islands, at a smlaller scale the Poseidon  project  features  a 5 stars Hotel, with 20 suites of 51 M², and 2 larger ones.
Opening in December 2007

French Sea Explorer and film maker
Commandant Jacques Yves Cousteau who made millions people discover the beauty of the oceans would be amazed to see this.

Do  you book a room ?

Emmanuel Facovi
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25 novembre 2006 6 25 /11 /novembre /2006 11:32
Your cell phones will tell You Everything

New Intelligent functions are invading our Phones

is developping  New applications around mobility devices and  intelligent functions for Mobile Phones.

The company  software permits to  create 3 D images from a  mobile phone picture  ,search on internet and  indicates details,  directions or location of buildings, shops , restaurants , services...
In addition to the softare, a GPS Chip and a Compass are installed on the

Image Copyright © 2004 GeoVector

Select "Parking"  and it will display all parking places around and give you direction in 3 D - Select "Bakery " and get ready to bring back "the french Baguette " back home tonight.

other intersting feature is Pointing :
You walk in the street, point a building, a location ,  and it gives you  related information. For instance  point a Cinema with you phone , and it will display all the sessions, and even allow you to book a seat and buy a ticket on line.
Let s imagine you go for a Football match, you simply Point a player during the match, it will tell you his name, position,  records...or you watch americas Cup , it shows you detailed on the Sailboat, Teams, Position in the race...

see demonstrations on Geovector site here
The devices help you  to find out about the real world objects around you . The benefit over  conventional GPS , is that it  can also tell you about what you're looking at.

The product is already in use in Japan, where Geovector  partner with NEC group and Network operator (KKDI).

On his side Nokia reseach Center at Helsinki Finland is working on a quite similar project called MARA (The Mobile Augmented Reality Applications)

Emmanuel Facovi
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